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Ф.И.О.: Chaturbate-TRich

Дата обновления: 13.01.2018

Город: Воткинск

Отрасль: СМИ и индустрия развлечений

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Watch as Seth Cole joins me naked in the tub and I immediately take his cock in my mouth. I enjoy licking and sucking it until he finishes on my stomach and I rub his cum all over me. I guess I like the feeling because it doesn't take me long to finish myself off with his cum dripping on my fingers. Shot entirely in POV. *This was a custom video
Your Princess wants to dance for you. Sit right at the foot of her bed and enjoy. She focuses on shaking, clapping and jiggling her 50 inch all natural booty. You're ready to rip off her shorts and take her but you know how to behave in the presence of the princess.
Watch Monica Suck off past president Bill Clinton's cock, going to town, up close and personal! A Must See Halloween video, Large thick cock fucking my throat , dirty talk and a huge messy facial
[/b] A fat dude with a leather BDSM mask has convinced a sexy young mom to fuck with him. She is a little sacred by his appearance, but she is also attracted by bad dudes. She is young, slim, and with lactating big boobs, and she craves a good fuck. He is old, fat, but he has a big thick dick and he knows how to fuck her hard. FA49
I know you told me to wait until you got home but I am just too horny to wait. I'm making this video in hopes that we can watch it together and you won't be to mad at me for cumming before you got home.
A Titty Tuesday appreciation of my natural sexy, boobies. Featured is a hot selection of some of my sexiest boobies clips so far, see my lovely B cups covered in anything from oil, to lingerie and even a short video of them in ice cream, sprinkles and topped with cherries. If you love natural boobs and dig a chick with a small handful you need this video in your life
making my first pussy pop and catching it on film while squeezing my boobs together to get milk to spray out
wearing my pink cotton panties for you. Oh you want me to take them off
My sweet sweet B0y. Are you rolling around? Yes my little one, that's about all you can do right now huh? Yes. Trying to get stronger huh? But, mommy wants to keep you her little b0y forever! My sweet love, I never want to loose you. Are you ready for a change and a snack? Yes, mommy's favorite needs a fresh clean nappy and some milk, don't you? Don't you? :) Well well well, lay down here and legs up! Let's get you all wiped up, yes, yes. Yes we do hehehe. And then guess what I have for you! Yes, your favorite snack! You like to suckle don't you? Yes you do! Yes you do! Dr!nk up until your little tummy is full. You need to get big and strong for mommy
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[/b] Tight sexy short shorts showing off my big ass before stuffing my cute sock inside my pussy, then I make myself cum with a dildo xXx
Watch me touching my beautiful feet and toes and painting my toe nails in my favourite colour black
After a long day and getting each other off (in our sex video), Britney and I cleaned up and enjoyed some more sexy, playful fun in the tub. We just couldn't keep our hands off each other ;D

I love the field. I feel free and naked in nature. You enjoy of this awesome squirt vid and u discover my wild side
With my friends Marissa and Alex we all jump in this amazing hotel room tub for some R&R! After some playful bubble play we start making out..touching.. one thing leads to another and soon we are taking turns making each other cum and cum and cum! 3 hot orgasms with 3 beautiful women all in one clip
I try a butt plug for the very first time in this video. I use my vibrator while in doggy position, then switch to lying on my back until I cum.
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[/b] Miss Kitty Bliss and Mistress Ava Black are feeling deliciously naughty and want to make you suffer for it! Today you are going to prepare for the sploshing of your life! You are going to be given the opportunity to gather a few items to play around with today. Then you are going to return for the mammoth task of pleasing your Mistresses today in the splosh-fest of your lifetime
Oiled up my booty and twerked FAST to DJ Turn It Up, I was tired, but this was a lot of fun ! A lot of twerking in hands on knees position, holding wall, and also some side angles. No nudity
Watching this cowgirl vibrate her pussy til she can't hold it in

You’ve heard about your Auntie who still lives down South where your mom’s from, but you never imagined you’d be sent to stay with her. She’s HOT…man, way hotter than your mom’s friends or even any of the girls you know…and almost as soon as you come in the door, your Auntie starts talking about some really crazy stuff....about all the ‘games’ that family members play together, and how it’s an Auntie’s job to teach a nephew things.Sex things. But you’re a virgin…and you don’t talk about stuff like that at your house, ever.In front of your eyes, your Auntie starts stroking her cleavage…asking you dirty questions....she reaches out to touch your dick and asks whether your Mommy ever touches you there. You can’t believe this is happening, and your little pecker starts to get stiff in spite of your terror.Auntie tells you that she thinks her sister sent you here on purpose…so she could do sex stuff to you…because your Mommy knows how much Auntie likes to touch little boys.She makes you play a stripping game with her…she pulls out one of her big grown breasts and then tells you to take off your shirt. She tells you that you’ve been left here on purpose…to learn to fuck…and that there’s only one way she’s letting you go. Strip!Now Auntie says she’s going to show you her ‘tummy…down really low’, but before you know it she’s pulled her skirt down lower, and lower…and lower…until you can see her, well….her grown-woman pussy. It’s all covered in hair and wet-looking and Auntie spreads it wide to show you where she wants you to put your dick.She pulls down your pants and tells you to rub it, right there in front of her, while she’s rubbing her pussy in your face. Aunties reaches out and strokes your little cock, telling you to do it ‘just like that’ for her….it feels good, so you do it. The more you look at your Auntie’s up-close hole the harder you get, and your little balls start to twitch.Auntie fingers her pussy and feeds you the wetness off her fingers while telling you what it means to cum and why your little dick is dripping right now.Then your aunt bends right over and puts her mouth on your dick…It feels so fucking good that you’re not even afraid when, next, Auntie leans back, spreads her legs, and tells you to stick your dick in.Saying, ‘your Mamma wants you to, baby…your Mamma wants you to’, your aunt guides your little pecker to her pussy, and helps you stick it right in. It feels so good in there….so wet and squishy inside your Auntie’s cunt…you can’t help but rub back and forth, fucking in and out of it…making your little cock feel better than you ever thought it could. She reaches around and pulls you into her, grinding against your dick until you get the rhythm and start fucking her like a big boy. She tells you to pump your little ass faster and faster until you make her cum, but that you’re probably not old enough so there’s nothing to worry about. Just in case though, Auntie makes you take your cock out right after she’s done cumming…so you don’t cum, for the very first time, into your nasty Auntie’s cunt. You have all summer, after all, and there’s a LOT to learn
The delicious Jenni Bliss and I are on Spring Break mission to get into trouble, and lucky for you, I got it on camera!I get so excited teasing this guy, I start going down on him right there!!!! I think she was a little shocked, but it's our little secret :)
A working girl in a pink nightie visits you late at night in your hotel room. The price was definitely worth it
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[/b] See just how red my ass can get when I keep spanking it, making me wetter each time ;)
Wearing the tiniest pink thong that I own and a teeny tiny skirt, I play around and shake my butt and dance for the camera. This video has no music.
*Quickie clips are clips that are 2 minutes or less*I put you below me and show off my boobs. I jiggle and caress them.

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